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Having a broken computer is frustrating and costly, which is why we offer affordable, professional repair, and training to the Lubbock community. At CPR, we’re here to help by offering solutions for computer issues, both simple and complicated. Whether for business or personal use, being without your computer is a hassle. CPR is a locally-owned company offering professional repair and training to the Lubbock community since 1986. From repairing a broken MacBook to recovering lost data, we strive to provide efficient and professional solutions for every computer problem. We offer IT support for small businesses at competitive rates. Networks, servers, mobile, phone systems, and workstations are all covered. Contact us for a free network assessment.




Computer Professional Repair of Lubbock is dedicated to giving back to the community.
Every month, we pick one eligible candidate for a free computer repair.
If you or someone you know has suffered a financial hardship or other events that might qualify for our free repair offering, please contact us.
Please provide your basic information such as name, phone, and email, along with a quick message explaining why you think you should be chosen for the next free repair.
CPR values the community and its members, and we are committed to giving back.